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I started university in 2014, an excited 18 year old ready to take the ‘traditional’ route into being a solicitor. The plan was simple: enjoy four years of law school, apply for a vacation scheme at a top international law firm, graduate, train as a solicitor and join the legal rat race with the ultimate goal of becoming a partner. Life however, had other plans!
After spending two years working towards that goal through being part of multiple societies, executive committees, working a lot and doing every internship and legal event I could get my hands on, I started to realise that my motivations and ambitions were shifting.  The prospect of unpredictable working hours and hectic schedules, was no longer as appealing as it once was and I started to question my plan.
I am going to be honest, it wasn’t easy to break away from it all. The university I attended was heavily focused on producing as many successful solicitors as possible, I amongst them. My friends had the same aspirations I once had, to become top tier solicitors, which made it harder for me to stand up and say, I don’t want this anymore !
So, when the opportunity to leave the UK behind and move to Asia for an indefinitely length of time presented itself out of nowhere, I took it with both hands and both figuratively and literally, ran away from my law student life.
What followed were months of excitement, travelling, things going very very wrong at times and even more uncertainty and questions about my future and what I want to do with my life going forward.
I realised that some of you out there may feel the same way so I started this website. To share my travels, experiences both in relation to law and other things and to speak honestly about what it’s like to feel lost and confused about what you want to do in life. In all honesty, if it was up to me, I would probably travel for the rest of my life but I am not a social media influencer or celebrity so there goes that avenue.
My aim is to take you on my journey of self-discovery and hopefully you can learn a thing or two through my adventures both past and present.
Until next time, 

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